Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Red is the first colour a baby can recognised, very probably the first colour to be given a name, and considered by many nations as the colour for "SUN", "HAPPINESS", or "FIRE" and "DANGER".
My project RED was kicked off in mid May, using RED as an excuse to engage a dozen of students to come together for some creative and fun exercises.

Since then we have met a couple of times, we had met Gerd Conradt , the German video artist and Maeva Aubert, the French artist, to host some workshops related to RED, MEMORY, MAP and HISTORY. This Saturday (June 23), the RED ambassadors shall meet again to present their own works and to discuss about what they intend to find out about themselves.

Anybody interested to join, pls come to Sheung Wan MTR station at 7pm or send an email to me: windfull1212@yahoo.com .

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ahChiu said...

hallo winnie,

i am posting this for gerd conradt:

grade gratulatione for your incREDibelllllll bloggggg.
RED wächst, increase well. importend is what make the process with me. How I see RED today! How my life change since RED came in my life.
Soon it will come a special report from "documenta 12".
interviews mit ai weiwei, yin yilin, luis jacob, zheng guogu, trisha brown u.v.a.
sommer of REDlove.