Thursday, June 28, 2007

Movies on the Mind

(photos provided by Kristina Jaspers of Filmmuseum Berlin)

Ever since the birth of cinema, there existed a continuous dialogue between "psychology" and "cinema" and pyschoanalysis has always offer a synificant platform for film critics to discuss about movies. Say for example: What fascinates the moviegoer about the fictive world of images on the screen? How do directors tell stories about repression or breaking taboos?

It is not as difficult to produce a book on related studies, but surely a courageous move in making it visually comprehensible via an exhibition space. I am therefore very excited by the exhibition “Movies on the Mind. Psychology and Film Since Sigmund Freud", conceptualized and realised by my curator friends in Filmmuseum Berlin.

(Poster graphic design by Jan Drehmel )

The exhibition offered its visitors the opportunity to literally put themselves on “the couch,” to experiment with their own perceptions, to catch on to the tricks of directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, G. W. Pabst and Woody Allen, and to observe their works in another light. All of these are connected with the latest findings from film historical, psychological and neurological research.

The show, originated from Berlin, is now toured to the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Science, L.A and could be seen there till September this year. More details in:

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