Wednesday, September 05, 2007

papa - may peace be with you always and ever after

So I hadn't updated my blog for over 2 months now! It might be kind of silly to think this way, but father's death did marked a vital point in my life. Not simply because he meant a lot to me, but also because his death made me re-think a lot about the family, my life pattern and the role as a daughter.

When my father was hospitalised, I was not the one who took most care of him - my brother Hong did most of the dirty job; while my mom was taking care of him day and night. I was also not the one who is prepared for his leaving us so soon. So when he chose a perfect time to go - 070707 at 7am - it seemed quite uncomprehensible.

Cheeks collapsed and month opened, he lied there just seems to be deep in sleep. I still can vaguely recalled the day before when we last visited him and he waved both his hands and shoved them behind his head - as if relieved that he had reminded us of all the things that still bordered his mind.

Papa - lo dau - I wish with the whole of my heart that you are resting in peace and be well asured that your spirits is living in all of us - your beloved sons and daughters.