Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Computer arts is a comparative new genre in arts history, and the earliest creators of such art works branched from a bunch of scientists linked with the scientific world. Important names include Georg Nees, Herbert Franke and Edward Zajec. Nees, together with Herbert Franke and Frieder Nake, can be termed pioneers of Computer Art in Europe.

On the occasion of Herbert Franke's 80th birthday, the Kunsthalle in Bremen, Germany is going to host a computer art exhibition titled "Ex Machina- early computer graphics until 1979" from June 17 to August, 2007 this summer.

Back in the 60s, Georg Nees was pupil of Max Bense, the founder of Information Aesthetics. They arranged the first exhibition of computer art at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany in 1965.

At that same period, famous scientist + computer graphic artists Manfred Schroeder, together with Bell Lab researchers Leon Harmon and Ken Knowlton, tried out a lot of experiments in producing images that could not otherwise be drawn or painted. More specifically, they wanted to generate pictures that would be perceived as totally different depending on the viewing distance. One such work that won an award is "One Picture is worth a Thousand Words". (the picture above is made up of numerous alphabets)

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