Sunday, October 24, 2010


German Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, 2010
Visit Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Feb 2010

Three years passed since I last posted on my blog. It stayed there out in the cold without me even bothering to pay a visit all these times ... I wonder why?Busy is one reason, but also an excuse- I think the real reason is more becasue of the TRANSITION in life I am going through that made me difficult to write about myself at all.

RED TIDE 花潮 by Hiyuki Ogata, Project RED, 2008

HIDDEN 潛 by Chan Wing-chiu, Project RED, 2008

Visit to Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy, 2008

But in fact, the years from 2007 to 2010 are amazingly memorable - all the good things come at the same time, namely a blooming love relationship; new adventures in Europe in terms of further study in Austria and bigger joint projects with Germany; a lot of trust within the cultural and film circle, and even the opportunity to own a new home with my beloved - one with full mountain view!

A revisit to my digital photo albums echoed the above luck, plus a lot of events, activities, travels and love from chiu, family and colleagues. I always told myself: I should have no complaints! And right so too ...

Studies at Danube University Krems, Austria, 2008

Blackie, my tough fighter in his last months, 2009

But of course the increased satisfaction and achievements also meant doubled or tripled pressure - pressure not only to the physical body, but also the mental state. after my papa's death, I am constantly confronted by decision making that involved a lot of sentimental valuing. A lot of time and energy were spent on balancing the brain and the heart - and very often, you have to forfeit one to sustain the other. Which promoted me to urge myself to take up "yi jing" 易經 soon!

When can I forget about the worldly stuff and return to soul-searching? May the next inspiration guide me to the right path. Right now - I am happy to stay gratified and contented.

Ha 好彩又到SUNDAY!!

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