Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Attended the video installation works in "Tempestade / Unwetter / Tempest, curated by internationally-renowned curator Alfons Hug, who originates from Germany and active in Brazil. Also got to know GianFranco Foschino from Chile, the young artist who made a very beautiful and picturesque landscape vertival video that re-question how we perceive nature. I like that work very much indeed.

He introduced me to two other video masters' works in the show, namely Reynold Reynolds (US) and Guido van der Werve (Holland). Reynolds' "Secret Life" is a combination of performance and very fine video techniques that produced both intriguing and disturbing visuals.

Guido is the highlight of the exhibition, which is a 21st century echo to the German Romantic period. I am so happy to have a chance to see his heart-stiking images, particular at this juncture of my life, when I wanna get to the core of feelings.

Visit gallery of Goethe Institut-Hong Kong for more!

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